Welcome to the home of the Quad County Chain Shoot!

Its hard to believe its our 7th season of bringing you great shooting!   If you are looking for somewhere to shoot this winter and love to tackle new challenges, this is the league for you!  The Quad County Chain Shot gives you a chance to participate with other shooters at some different clubs.  You will surely enjoy yourself and the winter will just fly buy.

This season we will be shooting at 
  • North Bristol Sportsman's Club
  • Deerfield Rod and Gun Club
  • Beaver Dam Conservation Club
  • Sauk Prairie Trap and Skeet Club
  • Juneau Rod and Gun Club
  • Delavan Sportsmens Club
  • Jefferson Gun Club
  • Portage Rod and Gun Club
  • Stoughton (back in the game)

This seasons final shoot will be  held at the Portage Rod and Gun Club.

You will need to shoot a total of 10 times to qualify for the Final Jackpot.
You can shoot all 10 at one club or travel to other clubs. (Highly recommended) 

All of the shoots start at 9:00am and you are invited to spend the day for fun and shooting.  Food and beverages are available at all clubs.

Traveling Trap League